Croatia is a small country full of natural wonders. It is home to over a thousand islands, dozens of lakes and mountains, and eight magnificent national parks. 

Exploring Croatia is different depending on the season. In winter, nature changes as trees shred their summer suits and replace them with white snow coats. 

During summer, however, exploring the bottom of the Adriatic Sea is a story of its own. 

One of the most unique places to really get lost in nature is National Park Kornati, and in this article, Taxi Boat Šibenik digs deep into its geographical specialties and unravels the secret coves and bays that hide in what at first appears an inhospitable and blank environment.

National Park Kornati – dry paradise

National Park Kornati is one of eight Croatian national parks, and one of three national parks at sea, along with NP Mljet and NP Brijuni. It is located near the important Dalmatian cities, so getting to Kornati from Šibenik or Zadar won’t be a problem.

This archipelago consists of eighty-nine islands, with most of them being just big stones surrounded by crystal-clear water. What makes it special enough to become a national treasure is the way the islands look. 

At first, they seem nude, dry, and unwelcoming for any kind of life. When you start coming closer and take your time to really look into them, you’ll find out that they are, in fact, thriving with life. The sea surrounding the islands is home to numerous and diverse life forms, from fish and shells to seabirds and mammals.

The Kornati islands have a rich cultural history dating back to ancient times. Traces of prehistoric settlements, Roman ruins, and medieval structures can be found on some of the islands, reflecting the human presence and interaction with the environment over the centuries.

Other than its cultural and wildlife richness, Kornati is also a great place for having fun, yet mindful activities of getting really close in touch with nature, such as scuba diving and swimming around.

Kornati dry paradise

Discovering the coves of Kornati

When planning a trip to Kornati, the challenge of choosing the perfect swimming spot comes up. With so many islands and uneven terrain, coves are around every corner. For that reason, we are bringing you just a few of the acclaimed beaches and coves on the Kornati. 

When it comes to reaching them, they are approachable by sea, and the fastest and safest option of transportation is with private taxi boats. They will get you to any place you want, in the shortest time, and the ride will be more than picturesque and enjoyable. 

Here is our pick for the best-known coves on the Kornati islands.


Located on the southwest part of Levrnaka islands, this is the most famous beach on the archipelago. The beach is covered in white pebbles, and the deeper you go, the pebbles are getting lost and replaced by beautiful gray sand.

It is a very popular destination during summer, so getting a private ride to Lojena is a very good idea if you’re not a fan of crowdy tourist ships.

Levrnaka Island and cove

Speaking of Levrnaka, this small, inhabited island is home to another beautiful cove, located between the two highest spots of the island, Veli Vrh and Svirac. As a not-so-popular location, this cove serves as a just-enough good alternative to Lojena Beach. 

On this island, just between the cove and Lojena Beach, there is one of the most popular restaurants on the Kornati islands, konoba Levrnaka.

Koromašna cove

Koromašna is located in the town of Jezera, the island of Murter. This secretive cove filled with shady space is a perfect spot for chilling and enjoying summer. Crystal clear waters, sounds of the waves and crickets around you, and great pine trees covering you from the Sun. What more to wish for? 

After visiting the cove, take a walk around Jezera town, and enjoy the traditional Mediterranean cuisine in taverns like konoba Kandela or Leut.

Pantera cove

Pantera is a cove located on the very top of Dugi Island. This interesting location has much more to offer than just the beautiful sea. You can find shipwrecks around it, see the beautiful Veli Rat lighthouse, and leave a message on a stone at the beach, along with hundreds of other visitors! 

Mir cove

Mir means peace in Croatian, and this name perfectly suits this cove. It is located near the Telašćica Nature Park in the southern part of Dugi Otok (Long Island). Right next to the cove, there is also a salty lake Mir, nature phenomena, and a leftover of the last Ice Age. 

Sail across the lake and enjoy a nice dinner in nature in the tavern konoba Krsovica, with a view of our beautiful Adriatic sea.

Dugi otok

Conclusion – into the unknown

Kornati National Park is a hidden paradise waiting to be explored. With so many hidden bays, beaches, and coves, it is perfect for a quiet, yet adventurous trip. 

When it comes to choosing the optimal place to spend your time swimming and sunbathing, the best advice is to cruise around the archipelago a bit, carefully observe the coast and listen to your heart. Your new favorite beach might be just around the corner!