Skradinski buk waterfalls

Krka NP is one of the most attractive national parks in Croatia covering an area of 109 km2 and is famous for its 7 waterfalls. It includes many historical sites, including 5 medieval fortresses and 2 religious complexes, and even a Roman military fort. You can take in the natural beauty by walking or even biking across 470 km of designated bicycle routes. For those eager to see all of the mentioned historic parts of the national park, there are 47 km of educational walking trails!

“But how to get to this enchanting place?”, you may ask. The park itself has 10 entrances and it can all get rather confusing. But don’t fret. We can help you not only get there, but also really take in the sights, and give your mind (and feet) the rest they deserve! Allow us to take you on a zen-like boat ride along the Krka river.

Taxi Boat tour to NP Krka

Taxi Boat from Šibenik to Skradin

Given that Taxi Boat Šibenik’s main location is in…Šibenik, our experienced crew can take you via taxi boat directly from Šibenik to Skradin, a small town only one hour away.

This relaxing ride will take you right under the Šibenik bridge (popular among bungee jumpers) and by the small town of Bilice which is best known for its prehistoric and ancient Roman remains. 

Taxi Boat Tour - Skradin

Skradin to Krka

Skradin itself is located right near one of the entrances to Krka National Park. On our way to Krka National Park, we will pass by Skradinski Buk, the most famous and notably loudest of all the waterfalls of the Krka river, by which you can also find a Dalmatian ethno village and the remains of the Krka hydroelectric plant (the world’s second alternating-current hydroelectric plant).

National Park Krka - Skradinski buk waterfall

Entrance Lozovac to Krka NP

Moving on from Skradin and Skradinski buk, we will take you on a tour of the Krka river. We will make sure a taxi boat picks you up at Lozovac, the main entrance to Krka National Park, where you can rest and recharge, have something to eat, and even charge your phone on a solar tree! When you’re ready to go back, we make sure a taxi boat takes you safely back to Šibenik via the same scenic route from which you came.

NP Krka, Lozovac - island Visovac

Tour info

Our tour includes a scenic, relaxing ride from Šibenik to Skradin (1 hour via taxi boat) and from Skradin through Krka National Park (lasting 15 minutes, this time via Krka boat). After the visit to Krka NP is over, we ensure a taxi picks you up at the Lozovac entrance to Krka NP from which point it is only a fifteen-minute drive back to Šibenik.

The prices vary depending on the number of people taking the tour and the number of nautical miles (€20 per nautical mile for 1-4 people and €25 for 5-8 people). You can find out more about our prices and book a tour directly on our website.

Taxi Boat Šibenik organizes tours on a daily basis so you can contact us any time you want to visit Krka NP. Also, we can pick you up anywhere! However, the benefit of predetermined routes such as our Krka National Park tour is that you’re free to just relax, let go, and enjoy your time in nature, without having to worry about ticket prices and planning routes. Just lift up your feet as you drift through Krka NP!