Would you like to live a lifestyle that encourages the raw beauty of the human body and defies social standards in a beautiful seaside location?

If the answer is yes, Taxi Boat Šibenik will take you on an exciting adventure into the world of naturists, where beautiful beaches serve as the backdrop for an inspiring way of life. 

Explore the captivating philosophy of naturism on the coasts of Šibenik, where the Adriatic Sea embraces the Dalmatian landscape. Discover the most beautiful, clothing-optional beaches in the Šibenik area, where philosophy that encourages body acceptance and freedom from clothing limitations thrives.

Is Šibenik the right place for you if you’re a nudist?

With its stunning array of nudist beaches and a warm embrace of body positivity, Šibenik has become a top choice for naturist enthusiasts from around the world. 

What sets Šibenik apart is its remarkable balance of serene seclusion and vibrant nudist communities. Along the Šibenik coastline, you’ll find pristine, naturist beaches where you can bask in the warm Mediterranean sun while feeling the soft caress of sea breezes on your skin. These lovely locations are ideal for anyone seeking a calm retreat from the limitations of clothes. 

Moreover, Šibenik’s landscapes provide a breathtaking setting for naturist adventures. The combination of crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and historic charm creates a unique atmosphere where authenticity, acceptance, and freedom reign supreme.

Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or simply curious about this liberating way of life, add these beaches to your list when visiting this charming Dalmatian town.

Camping Kosirina – Murter

Camping Kosirina, located near the lovely village of Betina on the island of Murter, is a hidden gem that entices naturists looking for a peaceful seaside vacation. This picturesque naturist campground is well-known for its closeness to the most beautiful nudist beaches, Kosirina and Čigrađa.

Kosirina and Čigrađa beaches are surrounded by pine trees and crystal-clear seas, providing the ideal backdrop for those seeking to embrace the beauty of their natural selves while enjoying stunning coastal scenery.

In Camping Kosirina you can immerse yourself in a real naturist paradise. Accommodation options range from camping areas to luxurious mobile homes, all of which are within walking distance of the mentioned beaches. The campground is also fully equipped with modern amenities to provide you with a comfortable stay.

After enjoying your day at the beach, you can treat yourself to delicious Dalmatian food in one of the popular restaurants on the island of Murter, like restaurant Boba, Račić and Lantana or the tavern Skalinada. 

Plitka Punta – Vodice

Plitka Punta, located near the picturesque town of Vodice on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, is a perfect destination for naturists seeking a pristine beachside retreat. This enchanting destination is home to one of the region’s most captivating nudist beaches, making it a hidden gem for those who cherish the liberating lifestyle of naturism.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Dalmatian landscape, Plitka Punta offers a tranquil escape where clothing becomes optional, and the serenity of nature takes center stage. The crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic gently lap against the shore, while the backdrop of lush Mediterranean greenery provides a serene atmosphere for sunbathing, swimming, and communing with nature.

The nearby town of Vodice offers a range of accommodations, from cozy apartments to seaside resorts, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable base for their naturist adventures at Plitka Punta. If you start to feel hungry while visiting, you can enjoy delicious Dalmatian cuisine in popular restaurants like Bistros Strikoman or Guloz and Taverna Okit.

Plitka Punta - Vodice


Prvić, a captivating island located in the Šibenik archipelago along the Croatian coastline, boasts an alluring naturist beach that offers a serene escape for those who embrace the liberating lifestyle of naturism.

Tucked away on the island’s pristine shoreline, the Prvić naturist beach stands as a testament to the island’s commitment to providing a tranquil haven for nudist enthusiasts. This clothing-optional paradise invites visitors to shed societal constraints and bask in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

The naturist beach on Prvić is known for its crystal-clear waters, soft sandy shores, and lush Mediterranean greenery.

Prvić Island itself is a picturesque retreat, home to charming villages, historic sites, and a relaxed atmosphere. While the naturist beach offers a secluded escape, visitors can also explore the island’s culture and natural wonders or try typical seafood dishes in one of the Prvić restaurants like Stara Makina and Ribarski Dvori.

The best way to explore naturist beaches in Šibenik area

For the ultimate naturist beach adventure in the Šibenik area, Taxi Boat Šibenik is your best companion. Renting a private taxi boat offers flexibility, allowing you to craft your itinerary. You decide when and where to drop anchor. Plus, it grants access to remote, often inaccessible naturist beach destinations. 

Discover the Adriatic jewels in style and privacy. Embrace the liberating lifestyle and satisfy your curiosity with ease. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Šibenik’s naturist beaches with a taxi boat for a tailor-made, unforgettable experience.