Sibenik Drvenik boat tour

Have you decided to spend your holidays in the romantic, sunny city of Šibenik? Well, one thing is for sure – you will enjoy them to the maximum. Šibenik is a smaller Mediterranean city located on the Central part of the Adriatic Sea’s Coast. With only around 45,000 inhabitants, it is a political, administrative, economic, and cultural center of its County (the Šibenik-Knin County). 

What awaits you in Šibenik

Most people visit Šibenik during the summer months, from the beginning of May to the end of September. This is because the summers are hot and sunny, perfect for a relaxing holiday by the sea, and winters are usually mild and dry. If you didn’t know, the whole region of Dalmatia is famous for its intense winds – the bora (bura), the sirocco (jugo), or the onshore wind along the coast called mistral (maestral). 

Along with the wonderful relaxing weather that will have you basking in the sun and sipping cocktails, Šibenik has much more to offer. It is a city rich in historic and cultural heritage, natural beauty, and sights. 

St. Nicholas’ fortress and the Cathedral of St. James are two of the monuments that are found under the protection of UNESCO. There are three more fortresses that overlook the city of Šibenik while offering a breathtaking sea view. It is clear – you will not be disappointed by Šibenik.

Sibenik UNESCO

What to visit near Šibenik

Šibenik’s location makes it the spot to be if you are curious about exploring the rest of Dalmatia. There are so many options – you can visit the other big cities in the region, you can do excursions to nearby islands, visit the beautiful national parks or explore the small villages. The County it belongs to has 242 islets, islands, and above-sea reefs, all perfect for a day out on the sea. 

The interesting route here is the one from Šibenik to Drvenik, which encompasses a big part of the coast. What is the best way to explore this part of Croatia and go on a memorable adventure doing it? You might be interested in doing a boat tour! There are too many reasons why. 

You can go with your favorite group of people if you brought them on holiday with you, or make some unexpected lasting friendships with people you wish to bond with. Life on the water is extremely refreshing – there is an open world out there and it is inspiring. You get to absorb a bunch of vitamin D and being around water is confirmed to bring down stress levels. The bonding with Mother Nature will not disappoint you – it is the luxury that nothing can buy.

Drvenik boat excursion

The land of a thousand islands

Yes, this is Croatia’s nickname. Millions of people come every year to see all that the islands along the Adriatic Coast have to offer. Luckily, on a boat tour from Šibenik to Drvenik you can visit so many of them! 

The most attractive might be the fact that on your way to Drvenik, you can visit one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks – the famous Kornati. The archipelago of Kornati might look deserted but don’t let that fool you, there is an abundance of plant life breathing on the islands. They are also covered in drywalls that some consider a symbol of the area. Words can not explain how heavenly Kornati are, it simply has to be felt.

However, the first on your voyage will be the island of Zlarin, nicknamed the green island. It is a sort of union of olive trees, forests, and the sea, which ensures calm, peace, and silence. Imagine in today’s world a place with no traffic and no cars. That is the kind of calm and peace we are talking about here. It is famous for its wild, pebble beaches as well as corals. Make sure to get a piece of coral jewelry as a souvenir. 

Before you go on your adventure, you really shouldn’t miss out on Prvić. It is very unknown, and very easy to get to from Šibenik. An island where time has stopped, and not in a bad way. No traffic as well, very unique in the richness of local culture and way of life. A true getaway to another world. It has a few small churches and a memorial center for Faust Vrančić. Secret tip: his childhood mansion is also there! 

If you are a fan of coves you shouldn’t avoid the island of Žirje. You will find 29 of them there, along with hidden beaches waiting on you to enjoy some privacy. There is a fun summer feast if you are going in August, but whichever time of year an impressive Dalmatian tradition awaits you. If you are a fan of architecture you will not be sorry you visited Žirje where you can enjoy stone buildings, fortifications, churches, and chapels. 

If your trip takes you down the coast of the Adriatic, make sure to consider some of its other highlights – islands such as Hvar, Brač, Šolta, and Korčula. These are unmistakable gems of Dalmatia. Fun fact: some consider Marco Polo to have been born in Korčula. If islands are not your thing, Trogir and Split are the top spots you could take a break in when reaching Drvenik. Both cities are carriers of the history and culture of the area.

Croatia islands Kornati


Croatia is a winner when looking for a place to explore the wide-open sea. This explains why it has been the top summer holiday pick for decades. A small, romantic city in the Mediterranean is Šibenik, with a list of adventures awaiting you. 

Whether you enjoy exploring cities nearby, such as Zadar, Split, Trogir, small villages, or perhaps the irresistible islands, Šibenik’s location offers it all. Just consider the fact of two national parks that are reachable from Šibenik – Krka and Kornati. 

Islands are a thing you can’t miss if you find yourself in Dalmatia. 

Even though Hvar, Brač, and more famous islands are a great pick, we strongly encourage you not to miss out on the islands nearest to Šibenik’s coast – Žirje, Prvić, Zlarin. They are easily reachable and promise the relaxation you are yearning for.