Sibenik - Prvic tour

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to start exploring and visit everything you still didn’t have the chance to see. 

This year is perfect for focusing on small and less known islands, as they are not as crowded as others but still offer everything you need for your dream vacation. 

And if you’re in Šibenik, you don’t have to go far to make this come true.

The islands in the Šibenik archipelago are filled with tradition, cultural heritage and, of course, lots of sun hours. Some of the most popular ones are Zlarin, Žirje and Krapanj, but many people still haven’t heard of Prvić.

Prvić island is the closest one to Vodice, a small town near Šibenik. Its name literally means ‘’the first one’’. 

This island is similar to others around it in many ways – there are no cars on it, it’s not crowded, tradition and history are still dominating the island and, of course, it’s a place where you can truly experience domestic Dalmatian dishes.

Prvić is not only close to Vodice, but it’s also the first island you’ll see from Zlarin. It is very well connected to its surroundings with a shipping line, which makes it an unavoidable spot for a whole-day trip, at least.

And to make it even easier, we’ve made our taxi boat Šibenik available for you to go on this amazing island. It means that you’re one call away from the greatest adventure around the Šibenik archipelago.

Well, if you’re still not sure whether or not this island should be your next destination, it’s time to get to know Prvić a little bit more.

Keep reading and find out what’s there to see on the island, where can you stay and where can you eat, what beaches are there and what exactly will make your trip unforgettable!

prvic island

Touring around Prvić

The first thing you need to know before going to Prvić is that it has two settlements, Prvić Luka on its southeast and Prvić Šepurine on its west side, 15 minutes on foot away from each other.

Now, even though they’re separated, they share a history and are very similar to one another. 

People on the island are very friendly, which will make you feel like you belong. The locals are always ready to tell you a little bit about their island and to share an interesting story or two about their origin.

Prvić was also the birthplace of Faust Vrančić whose remains are kept in Prvić Luka. There, you can also visit the memorial centre of this famous philosopher, mathematician and scientist. 

If you’re interested in fully getting to know Faust Vrančić’s heritage, make sure you see his childhood mansion in Prvić Šepurine. Even though today the mansion is private property and you won’t be able to go inside, you’ll get to see it from the outside and admire the size.

Prvic Sepurine

Churches on the island

If you love the cultural and historical sides of your travelling, it’s time to take a walk around churches. 

In Prvić Šepurine, you have two small ones. The first one was built in the Middle Ages and is named after the saint Jelena the Crusader (Jelena Križarica), the mother of the emperor Constantin the Great. 

The second church is bigger and was built in the late 19th century. It’s dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In Prvić Luka, you can find the church of Our Lady of Mercy (Gospa od Milosti), a place where Faust Vrančić is buried.

Churches on the island Prvic

What to do on Prvić

If you’re visiting Prvić during summer, you don’t have to worry about getting the most out of your day spent here. 

Whether you want to go swimming and get tanned, you want to admire nature, or you want to take your taste buds on an adventure, the island offers you the opportunity for any of these options.

Getting to know the island is best by foot – running or walking, but you can also cycle and challenge yourself to experience its highlights. 

If you get tired, jumping into the sea is your next step. 

Trstevica beach is located at the end of Prvić Šepurine, on your way to Prvić Luka. It’s a sandy-pebble beach and if you walk a little further on, you’ll get to the rocks, where you can find a private spot that will be yours only. 

Finally, to round out your experience, the restaurants on this island are waiting for you to taste some of their delicious traditional dishes. 

Stara Makina, Val, and Nautic restaurant Matea are located in Prvić Luka, while in Prvić Šepurine you can find restaurant Bare, Ribarski Dvor, and Šime grill

What to do on Prvic

Prvić surroundings

Because Prvić is similar to its neighbouring islands, people often combine the tour around Prvić with tours around the islands of Zlarin, Obonjan, Žirje, Krapanj, Kaprije etc. 

This means that your adventure doesn’t have to stop here – taxi boat Šibenik can easily drive you back to Šibenik, or you can continue your journey by visiting some of these listed islands. 

You can also rent a boat and be your own boss! Prices range around 400 – 500€, while taxi boat prices depend on the number of passengers and destination. 

If you decide to go on Prvić island, the price for 1-4 persons is 45€ to Luka and 60€ to Šepurine, while for 5-8 persons it’s 56€ to Luka and 75€ to Šepurine.