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Kaprije is an island in the Šibenik archipelago and an excellent destination for a day trip for several reasons. 

This place is pretty much everything you could expect from a place for your vacation in the Mediterranean – it’s not very big, it’s very picturesque, and you can really relax and recharge your batteries here.

No cars are allowed, plus there are less than 200 permanent residents on the island, so you can be sure you’re in for a completely authentic experience.

Naturally, you will be able to enjoy some great beaches, too.

Interested? You should be! A trip from Šibenik to Kaprije is bound to bring your vacation to a whole new level!

kaprije boat tour

Taxi boat to Kaprije

While it is possible to get on a ferry from Šibenik to Kaprije, you should note that you usually have only two scheduled trips per day and that the ride lasts just over an hour.

Since cars are forbidden on the island, a much better way of travelling is booking a Šibenik – Kaprije tour. This will allow you to have a boat at your disposal at all times, plus you will get to enjoy quite a scening ride as you make your way between all the islands in the area.

Not to mention that you will be able to get a good look at St. Nicholas’ Fortress, one of Šibenik’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In addition, when you’re visiting an island like this, having your boat nearby allows you to do a lot more exploring and discover some incredibly beautiful hidden spots.

On top of that, returning to Šibenik in the evening is incredibly romantic and an experience you won’t soon forget.

In short, a Šibenik – Kaprije tour is just what your vacation needs, no matter if you’re here with the whole family or just your significant other!

visit Kaprije by boat

What to do on Kaprije Island?

Kaprije Island is a perfect place if you’re an outdoorsy type. There is only one settlement here (the village of Kaprije), so pretty much wherever you turn you will see unspoilt nature

It’s an ideal place for exploring, either on foot or by boat, and the reward you will receive for that will be discovering beautiful secluded coves which you may very well have all to yourself.

There are actually more than 20 different coves you can enjoy, so you really should be able to find a place that will suit you perfectly. There is no mass tourism here, and you simply can’t find a better place to enjoy some peace and quiet far away from city life than Kaprije.

Mind you, the village of Kaprije is also quite interesting. It has loads of that typical Mediterranean charm thanks to some really beautiful, old-fashioned stone houses, and the evenings here are quite fun, too.

As the day fades away, the locals gather in the town’s port and start preparing some traditional Dalmatian dishes, something that foodies among you are guaranteed to adore. Fish and wine will taste so much better in this type of setting.

If you can’t wait until dusk, though, sit in one of this island’s konobas (traditional restaurants) for a tasty lunch.

Kaprije beaches

Like we said, there are many places for a swim on Kaprije thanks to the island’s numerous coves. You’ll be happy to have a boat with you in this situation.

However, there are a few nice Kaprije beaches where you spend a lovely day enjoying the hot sun, pristine sea and a nice cool breeze without having to fight hordes of tourists for a spot.

Framina is located on the eastern side of the island, and a quaint little beach, with several relatively narrow entrances into the sea. It’s right in front of several houses, so you may not get as much privacy here as in some other places.

Kružić is fairly similar to the previous beach, but it’s located on the western side of the island. A nice view with some greenery on the other side will help you relax.

Polokva is a much bigger beach, with crystal-clear shallow waters and a lovely view since it sits at the bottom of a fairly big bay. It’s close to the village of Kaprije, so you should be able to reach it quickly and without any problems.

Nozdra mala offers much more privacy thanks to the rocks it has protruding right from the sea and covered with an occasional bush or a tree. The beach actually reminds a bit of pure wilderness and is ideal to visit with a boat.

It should also be mentioned that Kaprije has a whole lot of great diving spots, so those of you who like to dive with full gear on will love exploring the wildlife at the bottom, plus there’s an Italian warship from WWII that was sunk nearby.

Two other islands, Zmajan and Kakan, are also nearby and very much worthy of exploration in the search of a great beach.

kaprije beaches

Book now!

All you have to do to book your Šibenik – Kaprije tour is contact Taxi Boat Šibenik however it suits you and tell us when you’d like to take the trip.

What you get is an excellent and very comfortable boat manned by a very experienced crew, and the people who take you on this trip will always be able to make it even better with a handy tip or advice.

That’s not all, though, because we can also give you a ride by night if need be, so don’t hesitate to call us if you’re looking to set sail under the stars. 

On top of that, there are other interesting tours you can book. Just give us a call and set up a fantastic trip for you and your loved ones!