It’s hard to decide what to visit in a land full of natural beauty. However, some destinations are so unique that you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting them. One such is the National Park Kornati in the Šibenik Archipelago, Croatia. It’s a natural complex of islands and rocks known for its characteristic landscape and endemic flora. Its crowns towards the open sea are a habitat for various rare species and as such are important for biodiversity. Kornati is nothing like you’ve ever seen and while this NP is a tourist destination, it also amazes local people.

From a distance, it looks like this national park consists of numerous hills, while in reality, they’re all cliffs and rocks, some of which are dangerous to climb on. All these geomorphological phenomena are a result of karst. Some other amazing landscapes to discover on Kornati are caves, sinkholes and scrapes perfect for any speleology lover.

While NP Kornati is famous for its unique landscape and island beauty, there’s more to discover under the sea level. The seafloor around Kornati is home to a type of seagrass called Posidonia oceanica which constructs a habitat for many sea animals. Snorkelling around the Kornati is a unique experience and a great way to discover rich marine biodiversity.

It’s clear that there are many sights to explore at and around Kornati and some are only accessible by boat. So, it’s smart to take a boat tour to Kornati to explore its natural beauty. After a long day of hiking, swimming and snorkelling, one thing you’ll need is a quality Mediterranean meal. The good news is that there are several amazing authentic restaurants in Kornati, and we’ll dive into the offer.

Kornati National Park

Which are the best authentic restaurants in Kornati?

Since NP Kornati is one of the most beloved nautical destinations, it’s bound to have some great food. The location of this park means fresh ingredients from various points in Dalmatia and a lot of great fish and seafood meals. You’ll get a true sense of the Mediterranean diet in no time here.

Konoba Fešta

A classic Dalmatian tavern which values tradition both in food making, as well as interior design is Konoba Fešta. Here you’ll get fresh locally grown ingredients because besides being a tavern, Konoba Fešta produces its own olive oil, honey, jams and many more.

They have high-quality wines and a spectacular wine cellar so that there’s a perfect pair for every meal you order. All in all, this tavern is ideal if you’re looking for authentic Mediterranean food with homemade meals and a traditional atmosphere.

Konoba Žakan

The next one on our list is Konoba Žakan. This is a perfect nautical restaurant with space for 25 boats and the fact that the bay is always full in time for lunch tells you about the food quality and reputation this restaurant holds. Because of the crowd, it’s smart to take a Taxi Boat Šibenik to take you to the Konoba.

It’s common to arrange meals in advance in Konoba Žakan, and the whole atmosphere is friendly and homely. Thanks to this, there is little waiting time once you arrive even though it might be full. Konoba Žakan might be a beloved place by famous people, but everyone will enjoy the quality food and wine, as well as the beautiful ambience.

konoba Žakan

Konoba Levrnaka

As you might have noticed, every one of these amazing restaurants is a “konoba”. This means they’re all taverns that respect tradition and prepare meals characteristic of Dalmatia, especially the region around Kornati. Here you can find a bunch of Croatian sea meals ranging from octopus to freshly caught fish.

Just like in many other taverns around here, they serve homemade olive oil of the highest quality, which is perfectly paired with local food. One of the main benefits of this tavern, aside from great food, is its atmosphere and the magical terrace.

Since a lot of these taverns are located on different islands, it would be perfect to incorporate them into an island hopping tour. In this way, you can explore the beauty of various islands in National Park Kornati, and get the full experience by discovering authentic food. 

Konoba Piccolo

This tavern is located on the island of Vela Smokvica (“Little Fig”). Following the name of the island, this restaurant makes its own fig “rakija” which is a strong alcoholic beverage beloved throughout Croatia. Here you’ll taste some amazing homemade bread and olive oil, as well as fish that is caught every day by the workers themselves.

Like some other taverns, we mentioned, a lot of famous people visit Konoba Piccolo, but it’s also beloved by locals.

There are many other taverns and restaurants worth mentioning in the Kornati region, and throughout Dalmatia, so feel free to explore further.