Tour of Sibenik islands

If your ideal image of a perfect holiday includes oasis of peace and tranquility, small islets away from crowd and bustle, this might just be the place where you can find your way to make that perfect holiday come true. Relax and come with us to a mind journey which we will make true for you! 

Šibenik archipelago hides several sea gems that carry rich history, the beauty of nature and crystal clear sea within themselves. 



The name of this island means ”the golden one”, which originates from the fact that it’s one of the sunniest islands on the Adriatic. Also known as ”The guardian of Šibenik”, this island is famous for its traditional way of making a well known and valuable coral jewelry

If you are one of those who like walking and hiking, the highest peak Klepac, with its 169 meters of hight, offers you an unforgettable view of the horizon.

For those who like for their sightseeing to be history-oriented, the island of Zlarin is waiting for you with its several churches and historical landmarks.

While in Zlarin, make sure you visit the main thing on the island. On every step of your way around Zlarin, you can find hidden beaches and coves, which give the island unforgettable beauty. If you like kayaking, this tour combines outdoor activities and sightseeing, the perfect combination!

 Finally, after spending a couple of hours on the sun and in the sea, you might get hungry. Don’t forget to try Dalmatian specialties in Zlarin’s best taverns and restaurants. Relax and enjoy your food and drink in Pasarela or Aldura.

Taxi boat to Island Zlarin


Going further, the natural extension of the island of Zlarin is a small islet whose name means ”The first one”, probably because it is the closest one to the shore. It has two settlements – Prvić Luka on its southeast and Prvić Šepurine on its west side.

The most famous person, to whom this island owes its touristic attractions, is Faust Vrančić – scientist, philosopher and mathematician. His remainings are kept in Prvić Luka, where you can also find his memorial center, inescapable destination while you’re on Prvić. On the other side, in Šepurine you can find his mansion where he spent his childhood and older days.

During the summer, on this island, there are lots of concerts, sport activities and competitions, cultural events, etc. With its mountain roads, Prvić offers you a chance for running, cycling, or any other way of recreation and takes you to unforgettable viewpoints. 

With no cars on the island, make sure you take a short walk to Trstevica beach and spend a couple of hours on this sunny, sandy beach. Very close to the beach, you can start your ”eating tour”. Ribarski dvor, with its traditional Dalmatian cuisine, will round out and put a stamp on your Adriatic experience. Other than Ribarski dvor, you can enjoy in restaurants like Stara Makina or Mareta.

Island Prvic - Croatia


South from Vodice and west from Prvić, there is uninhabited Adriatic islet of Tijat. With its 2500 olive trees, this islet hides a lot of myths and legends concerning the only monument this islet has to offer – its big iron cross on the top of the islet. When the weather is good, the top of this islet gives you the view all the way to the island of Vis. Because of the view, the legends and the Tijašćica cove, this location is very well known among researchers.


Sharing the name with a widely known Italian island, the island of Kaprije is one of the farthest islands from Šibenik. The name originates from the Mediterranean caper plant, whose buds serve as spice in food. In history, this island was very important because of the limestone rocks.

If you find yourself on the island of Kaprije, make sure you visit the St. Peter’s church, highest peak Velika glavica and, of course, the restaurants and taverns.

Boat heading to Kaprije island

Source: Stefano Liboni


This private island is the perfect destination if you’re looking for holistic treatments, watersports, yoga and beachside DJs. Adult-exclusive island will make sure you recharge your batteries in poolside bars, great restaurants with a variety of menus, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) adventure and yoga platform on the west side of the island. Give yourself a treat!


Almost touching the Kornati National Park, the island of Žirje owes its name to Mediterranean oak gall. Not only that this island has 29 beaches and coves, but its richness is completed with the thing this island is known for – its eight natural caves and pits. 

During the summer, this island is often the host of sports event called ”Bodulska pripetavanja”, which originates from the time when these islands used to compete with each other in several sport disciplines.

If you’re craving for sport and recreation, you can enjoy cycling and trekking. If you would rather spend your hours exploring the sea, visit the Žirje cove with its rocky beach and dive in to discover the richness of undersea world with remains of historic planes. 

For gastronomers, Žirje is more than happy to provide you with its fish and meat specialties in Julija restaurant.

Sibenik archipelago

Taxi boat to Zlarin, Prvic and Tijat – half day tour

This irresistible half-day tour includes the visit to the islands of Zlarin, Prvić and Tijat, the three inseparable destinations which will take you to the place in yourself you have not visited for a long time. Our Taxi boat will make sure everything goes according only to your wishes and needs. Flexible schedule gives you the freedom to choose where and when, where and how long you want to visit every of there locations.

Tour info

Sightseeing and swimming on the islands of Zlarin, Prvić and Tijat is available for only 300€ for 1-4 people, 350€ for 4-6 people and 400€ for 6-8 people.

Taxi boat - Island tour Sibenik

Taxi boat to Zlarin, Prvić, Tijat, Kaprije, Obonjan, Žirje – all day tour

For full-time hedonists, our Taxi boat will make sure you experience the visit to all of the islands above. This all-day tour consists only of relaxation, joy and peace of mind. 

Tour info for all day

As we said, the tour includes the islands of Zlarin, Prvić, Tijat, Kaprije, Obonjan and Žirije. Lunch is not in the price but is an option you can take. The price for 1-4 people is 450€, or 4-6 people 500€ and for 6-8 people 550€.

We’re driving you wherever you want. Don’t miss your chance to visit these unavoidable and the most beautiful places in this part of the Adriatic. Call us or contact us via form!