The fortress of St. Nicholas is a fortification located at the entrance to the Šibenik Canal of St. Anthony. It was officially opened to visitors on June 15, 2019 and is a testament to the region’s rich history and strategic significance.

Historical significance

The fortress was built during the 16th century on the small island of Ljuljevac. It was commissioned during the rule of the Venetian Republic. Considering the fact the fortress is strategically positioned at the entrance of the St. Anthony’s Channel, its purpose was clear: to safeguard Šibenik from potential naval threats, primarily from the expanding Ottoman Empire.

Located near the charming town of Šibenik, this historic fortress has played a vital role in defending the town and has captured the imagination of travellers and history enthusiasts worldwide.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

St. Nicholas Fort’s historical and architectural significance has earned it a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This recognition highlights the fort’s importance not only within the context of Šibenik’s history but also within the broader historical narrative of European fortifications.

The design and architecture

What makes St. Nicholas Fort truly remarkable is its distinctive triangular shape. Unlike many traditional fortresses, it wasn’t built as a square or rectangular structure. This unique design was a deliberate choice, as it offered better defence against potential sea attacks.

The triangular layout allowed for more efficient positioning of cannons, offering a formidable defense against both naval and land-based threats.

The fort is enclosed by high stone walls, punctuated by sturdy towers. A drawbridge served as the main entry point and could be raised to prevent access during times of danger. 

Visiting and exploring St. Nicholas Fort

Visiting St. Nicholas Fortress is a captivating journey into history and architecture. Its unique triangular design showcases both Renaissance and Venetian military engineering, offering a remarkable blend of aesthetics and defence.

As you explore the fort’s sturdy walls, towers, and drawbridge, you’ll be transported back in time, imagining the strategic importance it once held in safeguarding Šibenik from naval threats. The only way to see the fortress is a boat trip from the Šibenik waterfront. There are several options available for visitors, and each offers a unique experience:

Organized Tours: Many tour operators in Šibenik offer guided boat tours to St. Nicholas Fort. You’ll board a comfortable boat, and the journey will not only get you to the fort but also provide stunning views of the coastline.

Taxi boat: For a more flexible and private experience, you can choose our taxi boat. A taxi boat in Šibenik can be hired to take you directly to St. Nicholas Fort. This option is perfect if you prefer to set your schedule and spend more time exploring the fort at your leisure. 

Once you disembark on the island, you can explore St. Nicholas Fort at your own pace or you could listen to the guide. Climb the towers for panoramic views, and step inside the historic structure to immerse yourself in its rich history. Don’t forget to take in the stunning vistas of Šibenik Bay and the Adriatic Sea from various vantage points within the fort. 

Discover coral treasures and paradise beaches on the nearby islands 

While staying in Šibenik book a boat excursion and discover this Adriatic’s untouched beauty and unique charm. First on your list is Zlarin. Admire the colourful village, visit the Coral Museum to learn about the island’s coral industry, and relax on pristine beaches, including the famous “White Beach.”

Savour Dalmatian cuisine at seaside restaurants, and don’t miss trying the island’s signature “rozalin” liqueur made from local rosemary and honey. Zlarin offers a tranquil escape into the beauty of the Adriatic. Here, you can relax, enjoy the fresh sea air, and witness breathtaking sunsets, making it a perfect spot for those who crave calm and natural beauty.

Book your taxi boat tour from Šibenik to Prvić, and enjoy an enchanting journey to an island steeped in history and natural beauty. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the island’s historical treasures by exploring the quaint villages of Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurine.

Stroll along the island’s charming streets lined with stone houses, visit the Church of St. Mary, and soak in the serene ambience. Prvić also boasts pristine beaches for swimming and sunbathing, while local restaurants offer authentic Dalmatian cuisine. A taxi boat tour to Prvić is a delightful escape into the past and the natural splendours of the Adriatic.


There are so many things to do in Šibenik, and visiting St. Nicholas fortress is one of them. You can buy tickets online or at the info centre on the Šibenik waterfront. You will certainly not remain indifferent after visiting this fortification object. Its location and architecture will leave you breathless.

Take a chance to visit the former prison in the fortress and the terrace; the action of an episode of the Game of Thrones series took place on the steps leading to the terrace. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the channel of Saint Anthony and the island of Zlarin.