Šibenik - Murter Boat Tour

Have you planned to visit Murter island this vacation season? Probably yes, and this is why you are reading this article. Well, Murter Island is one of the best islands in Šibenik-Knin county. We must tell you that it is going to be ultimate fun. This island is located almost 34 km away from the Šibenik coast. 

The island has a very small population and is only spread over a small area. Despite being spread over 18.7 sq km, it is the largest town and offers so much for the tourists to have fun. 

You can visit Murter from Šibenik by taking a boat or a bus. Though taking a bus is too cliche and we have travelled to so many destinations on a bus, why not try something different.

Close to it, there is another town called Tisno. Several festivals in Croatia are hosted in this town, and you can obtain the most of your trip by visiting this place. Such festivals are organised every year during the summer season. When you are heading to Murter from Šibenik, you will pass this town, and so can visit here when returning. 

Let us first know how to get to Murter island. 

Travelling to Murter Island

This island in Šibenik archipelago is connected through a small drawbridge to the mainland. As mentioned, it passed through Tisno town. Getting to Murter is easy, with plenty of carrier options available for the tourists. You can take up a bus, a car or a boat. We recommend taking a boat to have the best experience of the island and Šibenik. 

Furthermore, there is a drawback when travelling by car or bus during the summer months. The bridge gets lifted every day from 5:00-5:30 pm, so you cannot travel. You will not have to think about it when travelling on the boat. Just enjoy your ride. 

If you are travelling to Croatia, we would highly recommend travelling to Murter through Šibenik. Then you can make your way to the island and enjoy the mesmerising beauty it offers. 

Things to Do and See in Murter


The Podvrske, Slanica and Jazina beaches are worth visiting when in Murter. They add to the beauty of this island, and if you are a beach lover, nothing will stop you from falling in love with the place. The Podvrske beach is sandy on one part and pebbly on another for people to enjoy both sides. You will also find shallow water in some places for your young ones to enjoy. 

Beaches in Murter


After spending a day by the beach, you should explore some museums on this island, another great attraction. There is one museum known as the Betina Museum of Shipbuilding. It is a fascinating museum that exhibits different components of the shipbuilding process. You will get to explore fishing gear, marine and shipbuilding tools, etc. The island has another museum which is an open-air museum, and has wooden boats moored in the harbour.


If you have some time, you can visit the best church this island has. It is The Church of St Francis of The Assisi in Betina. The church is very old and was built in 1601. The addition of the bell tower was made to the church in 1752.


When on Murter Island, you can make the most of your visit with the help of numerous activities it offers. You can take up a submarine tour to explore the beauty of the Adriatic sea. According to your feasibility, the tours can be opted for during the day and even at night. 

The island has a Kornati National Park for tourists to explore. It is one of the best activities during the daytime, especially with your family. This national park has an amazing and dense group of 89 islets and islands. If you want to take this national park tour, you can ask your package organiser. They will arrange a visit for you by contacting a local agency. 

You should make the most of your tour by visiting this island’s fun-filled places. Diving is another great activity offered by this island. If you want to do diving, Murter is the best place to do it. We will again recommend you to ask your package organiser for such activities. They help tourists by arranging things for them with the help of local guides.

Kornati National Park

Events In Murter

Several events are held on the Murter island during different seasons to keep the tourists and locals engaged. The cultural summer event is held on the island every July and August, and during this time, several live music performances are held. In February, a carnival is celebrated as it is a traditional month on the island. 

Several other festivals of Croatia, as mentioned above, are held on the island for the tourists to have a great stay. Several festivals in Tisno are Dimensions, Love International, and Outlook. These are a few to name. 

Dining and Drinking in Croatia

An eatery named Fine Food Murter stays open till late at night and is opened early in the morning for people to enjoy all meals of the day here. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner all at this place. It offers beautiful and tasty offerings at all times of the day. 

Stop by this place and try their menu spread. They have the best steak, grill and fish dishes. Their pasta is heaven. The best part is that they have vegetarian and gluten-free options as well. 

fine food in murter

The Bottom Line

Murter is one of the ideal tourist destinations if you visit Croatia. Moreover, reaching the island is easy with a boat, and you can also explore the island on a boat. The island offers so much for its tourists to spend a lovely vacation. You will get plenty of stay options on the island as it experiences plenty of tourists throughout the year.