panorama sibenik

You arrived in Sibenik and you are wondering what to do next? What is the first sightseeing spot you want to explore, or the first island you wish to discover… The options are endless and it can be overwhelming to plan out everything, especially if you are not staying for such a long amount of time. 

Maybe you love the sea, you would like to get on a boat but you also want to see all of the best attractions. It is okay. We know just the thing that combines all of these. The answer to your wishes is a Panorama Sibenik boat tour!

It is a quick and easy way to truly experience the best sightseeing tour of King Krešimir IV’s city dating from medieval times. 

Enjoy the views

The route goes like this: you start from Sibenik, and then you sail through the St. Antony’s Channel, after which you sightsee the St. Nicholas’ Fortress and circle your way back to Sibenik. 

We must immediately note that it is a 1-hour long tour, which is a big plus since it means you have time for the first impression of your holiday destination to sink in, but also the rest of the day to go to the beach or explore the city in depth. You will not regret taking long walks through those cobblestone streets in the Old town while getting to know every bit of the place. 

Allow yourself to really enjoy the views with this panorama boat tour, and you will get a different and new perspective of the city. 

The St. Anthony’s Channel is something you can not truly enjoy unless you are on a boat. It single-handedly divides Sibenik from the rest of the Adriatic Sea. The whole area of the Channel has been publicly protected since 1974. It stretches out from the Sibenik Bridge all the way to your next stop – St. Nicholas’ Venetian Fortress. It is a sight that leaves you in awe. 

Its history lies in the strategic importance it played – it was a line of defence against enemy boats.

The star of the show is for sure St. Nicholas’ Fortress. It is an architectural fortification dating from Venetian times, built in the spirit of the Renaissance. It is an exceptional monument under the protection of UNESCO, inscribed on the List of World Heritage. 

It is located on a little island called Ljuljevac, a place of the former Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas, which is how the fortress got its name. The sole purpose of the fortress was so that it could be a strong line of defence for the Venetians against the Ottoman Empire, and it dates back to 1540. It was meant to protect the port of Sibenik, one of the most important along the Adriatic Coast at the time.

The particular value of the fortress, and why it was found under UNESCO’s protection, is its special architectural solutions and its original form. Culture fans will especially enjoy this view!

Cathedral of St. James

Must see near Sibenik

After your first impressions have settled down, you can go further into getting to know the city. There are many places in the centre that you could visit, such as the Cathedral of St. James, also known as the Sibenik Cathedral. Its dome dominates the skyline above the city and you will easily spot it. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, another beautiful piece of mediaeval architecture in the Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Why would a Cathedral be fun to visit? Well, imagine this – the architect sculpted the faces of 71 random residents of Sibenik and he designed them to circle the whole Cathedral. Don’t miss this. 

The city also has many museums, fortresses and gardens to explore. We recommend these few: St. Michael’s Fortress (hint: amazing concerts are held here during the summertime), the Barone Fortress, the Mediterranean Garden, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Museum of St. Francis. 

However, you shouldn’t miss out on taking advantage of Sibenik’s amazing location. You have the big cultural centres of the region only about 1.5 hours away, such as Zadar, Trogir and Split. You also have the two national parks you must see before you leave Croatia – NP Kornati and NP Krka. 

The Adriatic Sea is a versatile region with so much to offer. Croatia is called the “land of a thousand islands”, and there’s a reason for that! You can go island hopping to see a few of them in the Sibenik Archipelago, or if you have special wishes there are many tours to the specific islands nearby. 

sibenik and islands nearby

Why choose a boat tour

Many of the places we have listed have different ways you could approach them. For example, you could take a 2km walk through St. Anthony’s Channel, or visit some of the nearby islands by ferry. 

A long walk only through the channel, after you have already seen so much in the city, can be a bit exhausting. Ferries tend to be late, their rides last double the time it takes with a speed boat and the tickets can be overpriced if you are going with a car. 

Boat tours are usually the most simple and easy way to explore the Sibenik region. Considering they are much faster than the above-mentioned types of transport, you are saving precious time during your holidays. 

They are adventurous, giving you also a perspective like no other. Riding through the Adriatic takes you to another world. Spending hours in the sun will help you soak in that vitamin D, and being around water has proven to ease anxiety, much needed for relaxing. 

Depends on where you wish to go, but you will not miss out on bonding with nature and bonding with your group! It can be your closest family and friends, a team-building trip or simply a chance to meet new people from all over the world. It is a secure way to get the most out of your holidays.