Sibenik - Telascica Boat Tour

Have you ever planned to visit Telascica? Telascica bay is known for its richness, beauty, and historical importance. It is located at the center of the eastern coast of the famous Adriatic Sea. The bay is surrounded by around 13 islets and islands, along with six islets located in the bay itself. In 1980 Telascica became a protected area because of its flora and fauna. 

Nature park Telascica is an extremely quiet and peaceful area with its peaceful quiet beaches. Telascica is one of the most amazing places to visit with your loved ones. This article will discuss why Telascica is the perfect destination to go out with your family and friends.

famous Adriatic Sea

Reasons To Choose Telascica As Your Traveling Destination

Telascica is one of the most popular coastal towns in Croatia. It has a very rich cultural and historical heritage. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in or visit during vacations. Here are some reasons why you should choose Telascica as your next travel destination.

Beauty of Nature

It is a biologically diverse region with hundreds of varieties of insects, amphibians, reptiles, snakes, birds, mammals,  etc. The vast number of Islands, their geographic features, shapes, climate conditions, and cliffs make Telascica one of the most enchanting places to spend time with your loved ones. The place’s temperature also varies from a minimum of 8°C in February to a maximum temperature of 25°C during July and August. The annual average temperature of the place is 16°C.

Telascica Nature Park

On the southernmost point of the Croatian island of Dugi Otok, the Telascica Nature Park is located. It is truly an enchanting natural jewel. This nature reserve is a popular destination among travelers and hikers, given its proximity to Zadar. 

The Telascica with the Mir salt lake is the real highlight of Croatia. It attracts visitors with its spectacular cliffs, incredibly beautiful Telascica Bay, adjacent Kornati National Park, and numerous beautiful beaches. 

Telascica Nature Park

Fort Grpascak 

Fort Grpascak is a must-visit place when you are here in Telascica. It is the most breathtaking point of Dugi Otok. This location is popular among tourists who wish to explore Telascica National Park. Here, you will get a breathtaking view of the island of Dugi Otok, the beautiful nature park, and the breathtaking Kornati islands.

Salt Lake Mir

The Salt Lake Mir is located close to the bay of Telascica, and its name translates to “peace” or “quiet.” This saltwater lake, surrounded by dense forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation, is also a famous swimming spot. Additionally, the mud is known for its curative properties. 

Compared to the Adriatic, this shallow sea is always a few degrees warmer. The lake’s stones are quite sharp, so it would be prudent to wear bathing shoes. The park’s unique flora and fauna include numerous rare plant species, including eight different wild orchids.

Salt Lake Mir

Cuscica Beach

Here, you can also find wonderful beaches. The hidden bays on the opposite end of the nature park, specifically at the second entrance near the coastal town of Sali, are beautiful. The Cuscica beach is a major attraction, tucked away in a bay on the island’s southeastern tip.

 You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the incredibly beautiful Kornati islands from this location. 

The National Park is laced with an assortment of hiking trails. If you plan a hike in Telascica Nature Park, you can obtain a map from the Sali tourist office.

Since the Telascica Nature Park has been inhabited for a long time, Roman archaeological sites are also within its boundaries. Most tours to the park depart from Zadar, Biograd na Moru, Sibenik, Vodice, and Murter Island. In addition to the typical group excursion experience, sailing trips provide an even more enjoyable experience here. Bookings for the nature park can be made right on the site or even online.

Quiet and calm beaches

One of the most precious and beautiful things about this place is that it has several quiet and calm beaches. The place was inaccessible earlier and was used for military purposes. At the resort, one can find thematically colored beaches with a beautiful water park that offers a wide range of adventures and activities for all kinds of guests.

Sports activities

During the summer months, the visitors have the option of diving, swimming, water skiing, sailing, and diving. Visitors can even book a boat or explore the islands near the Kornati National park. Bungee jumping is on everyone’s bucket list. Bungee jumping is also there to make the holidays more fun and enjoyable. 

If you are planning to visit here during the offseason, there will be multiple activities for you to do, including cycling around the national park and beautiful islands.

Food and restaurants

Visitors can stay in a luxury apartment with a huge terrace and a beautiful view.

 Several world-class restaurants offer the best traditional food in the town. Here, one can also enjoy traditional food in various rural areas. Tourists will get to taste the mouth-watering cuisine of the Mediterranean.

The traditional food of the area includes seafood and foods garnished with local spices and homemade virgin olive oil. The region is also very popular for red wine, and the wine is made of grapes grown in the vineyards of Primosten.

Mediterranean food

Final Word

Telascica is one of the most beautiful and miraculous places on earth. The mouthwatering food, mesmerizing view, breathtaking surroundings, and adventurous activities – everything makes the city beyond beautiful. Moreover, reaching the island is easy with a boat. The boat also makes it easy to explore the island.

There is so much that this island can offer you to make the trip memorable for you and your family. You will get plenty of stay options on the island as it experiences plenty of tourists throughout the year. Make sure to visit here!