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No summer vacation is complete if you don’t set some time aside for an interesting island tour. Fortunately, when you’re in Šibenik, you have many amazing places to choose from because the archipelago in front of the town offers everything you need for a spectacular trip.

A strong candidate for the tour is certainly the small island of Krapanj, a place slightly south of Šibenik, right in front of the coast between the villages of Brodarica and Žaborić.

This is actually the smallest permanently inhabited Croatian island and its surface is less than one half of a square kilometer. Nevertheless, there is quite a lot to enjoy here as the people on the island have been inextricably linked to the Adriatic for centuries.

So, if you want to get away from it all and relax in a very picturesque and charming place where time seems to have stopped, a trip to Krapanj from Šibenik is certainly a great idea.

krapanj sibenik boat tour

Taxi Boat to Krapanj 

It’s possible to hop on a ferry and get to Krapanj, but the ferry for that is not in Šibenik proper but in the aforementioned Brodarica, which lies a few kilometers down south. 

The ferry takes off every hour or so according to a predetermined schedule, but getting there may mean dealing with traffic jams on the roads leading out of Šibenik. And if you miss your ferry because of that, that’s certainly going to be a bad start to your day.

A much more convenient and flexible option is to get in touch with Taxi Boat Šibenik and book a boat to pick you up right there in the town whenever it suits you. This is definitely a better way to enjoy your vacation. 

The main reason for this claim is the fact that this ride will be amazing, taking you from Šibenik, passing by the famous St. Nicholas’ Fortress (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and along the coast until you reach Krapanj. It is an incredibly scenic ride that allows you to soak in the beauty of the Adriatic.

Not to mention that you can choose where the boat takes you.

And if you decide to come back to Šibenik in the evening, seeling of the town’s lights under the glimmer of stars will be an image you won’t soon forget.

krapanj sibenik tour

What to do on Krapanj Island?

Although this is a very small island, there are many things you can do that will make your day. Sure, you can go for a swim (more on the beaches here in just a moment), but the main settlement on the island is full of beautiful old stone houses that form charming narrow streets, typical of the Mediterranean. Just walking here will immediately put you in a great mood.

Sit down for a drink or a cup of coffee to soak the atmosphere in and if you want an authentic Dalmatian meal, visit one of the konobas (traditional restaurants) on the northern side of the island. You’ll love the seafood dishes there!

Krapanj also has a monastery that houses a fascinating museum. Here you can learn a lot about the island’s history through numerous items from the past that tell many unique and very interesting stories.

Finally, we also need to say that, apart from its long fishing tradition, Krapanj also has a long diving tradition, so if this is something you enjoy, you should be able to find some great diving spots in the area.

krapanj monastery sibenik

Krapanj beaches

The sea around here is wonderfully clear, so you are definitely going to enjoy jumping in and having a swim. But what are the best beaches on the island?

Well, Krapanj only has one hotel, Hotel Spongiola, and the beach in front of it is just wonderful. It’s a lovely pebble beach with an azure sea, big straw umbrellas, and beach chairs, with the vicinity of the hotel being another big plus if you find yourself in need of some refreshment.

However, you are very much encouraged to go and explore the rest of the island because the coves around here offer plenty of secluded places where you can enjoy your slice of Adriatic heaven. That’s why renting a taxi boat is such a good idea – you will be able to go around the island quickly, enjoy the ride and find a fantastic place for a swim.

And since Krapanj is so closely connected to Brodarica, you can hop on over to the mainland and find some great beaches there. As a matter of fact, Brodarica has a four-kilometer long strip of coastline that is nothing but beaches, which is another reason why you should have your taxi boat around here: waiting on the ferry would simply be too complicated and take up too much of your precious time.

Get in touch!

In order to enjoy a quintessential Adriatic vacation, all you have to do is contact Taxi boat Šibenik and tell us where you want to go. Our excellent vessels and experienced crew will make sure you enjoy the journey to your destination and they can even help you out with advice and tips on where to go, what to see, and possibly where to eat.

So, you can be sure you will get the full service here. 

Oh, and if you need a ride by night, don’t hesitate to call us, either. We’ll pick you up and get you to your destination safely in a blink of an eye.

Once you’re done exploring Krapanj, consider maybe joining us for a tour of the nearby National Park Kornati, or book an island hopping tour of the Šibenik archipelago. The opportunities for a fantastic day trip are quite numerous.

All you have to do is send us a message or pick up your phone and give us a call!