There are many ways to make your vacation great, but nothing beats a sensational boat excursion. At Taxi Boat Sibenik, we see this as an opportunity to meet amazing tourists and mingle with awesome people from all parts of the world.

Why take an excursion to Sibenik Islands?

Boat tours are simply fantastic. They just have a way of giving you a deep sense of peace and adventure with the satisfying waves and classic views. If you’ve never had a boat tour, here are some of the great experiences you have been missing out on.


Boat trip holiday is the most adventurous. We will take you through beautiful islands, where you get to admire excellent sites and have so much fun with the people you care about.


Going on a boat tour isn’t only about the fun, it gets you exposed to a life you never knew before, a life on water. You can also ask questions if you need clarity on why and how certain things are the way they are.

Health Benefits

It has been proven that being around water can help reduce anxiety.  Our amazing boat tours will give you that link with water you need to calm your nerves. Besides that, you also get to absorb a safe amount of vitamin D from the sun.


Whether you choose to take a boat trip with your significant other, your entire family, your best friends or your co-workers; the experience will foster a great bond and you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Connection with Nature

From the waters to the breeze and the sea creatures, there is no shortage of nature while you are on a boat trip. You get to connect with Mother Nature and forget your worries.

It is the delight of every traveler, and year in year out, tourists from every corner of the world come around to have an experience in “the land of a thousand islands”.

If you look at the map, you will see that Croatia is located in central Europe and lays east side of the Adriatic. Blessed with so many islands and natural wonders, the Croatian archipelago is the biggest in the Adriatic Sea.  As you make plans for your boat tour destination, get familiar with this map and use it to explore the archipelago; this will make it easy for you to pick the island you want to visit. We will take you there and ensure you have the vacation of your dreams. Here are some of most visited islands and their locations.

Excursions to Sibenik islands

Murter Island

This rocky island is located in northern Dalmatia. Visit here if you love partying, it is usually the venue for different festivals.

Obonjan Island

You will find this island situated off the coasts of Croatia. The best time to visit is in the summer, so that you can take part in the grown up festival.

Krapanj Island

This is the smallest Island on the Sibenik archipelago. If you are interested in history, you can visit this island and learn a thing or two.
Krapanj island near Sibenik

Excursions to other islands

Bisevo Island

This Croatian island is composed of limestone and has an area of 5.8km. It is located at the centre of the Dalmatian archipelago and is most famous for housing the blue cave, which has a blue light appearing in it at certain times of the day.

Hvar Island

This is an extremely beautiful Island known for soft winters, and because of the many hours of sunshine in the summer, it has been nicknamed a “summer resort”. It is approximately 68 kilometres long, and is situated off the coasts of Dalmatian.

Kornati Islands

A special group of islands constitute the Kornati, it is located at the middle of the Croatian Adriatic. Because of all the distinctive features, the Kornati was named a national park in 1980.

Brac Island

This is the largest Island in the Dalmatian Archipelago; it has the highest island point in the Adriatic Sea. This island is best known for radiant white stones used to build the white house, and the pebble beach.

island Brac

Rab Island

The Rab Island is located off the coast of northern Croatia. It has an area of 93.6km2, and is fondly known as the happy island.

Mljet Island

Located in the southern part of the Peljesac peninsula, the Mijet Island is nothing short of magnificent. You will really enjoy seeing different sea creatures swimming of the coast.

Krka National Park

This park is named after the Kirka River, which makes up two-third of the entire park. The Skradinski Buk falls and other magnificent waterfalls are the top attractions of this park; which is located at the sibenik-knin.

krka national park

Why choose Taxi Boat Sibenik for excursions?

Taxi-boat sibenik has taken time and effort to make sure that your boat excursion with us is the best, safest and most adventurous vacation you have ever had. We provide daily excursions, boat transfers, archipelago tours, and a lot more…all at surprisingly affordable prices!

We can plan your tour

Some people really want to go on a vacation transfer to Obonjan, but they are not able to plan out their finances. If you are one of such people, we are happy to let you know that you can leave the planning to us. We will gladly help you plan your boat taxi trip to Obonjan in such a way that you won’t break the bank to make it happen. This doesn’t only apply to Obonjan trips; we will plan your boat tours to any destination.

Seat sharing option

If you trust us with the task of planning your excursion, we will be sure to recommend options that will make you spend a lot less on the entire vacation. One aspect of this is the seat sharing option we offer; this simply means that we will bring down the price of your boat ride if you and your family or friends will share seats with a different group of people going on the same tour as you. This was carefully thought out with the aim of reducing the weight of the tour cost on you, but you can make the best out of it by using the opportunity to meet new people and make friends with tourists from other parts of the world who share the same interests as you.

Think of us as a water taxi that you can rent daily. If you are the private type who likes to really bond with family in a boat reserved for just you and your people, you can rent a boat for that purpose. You will enjoy convenience and also make long lasting memories in any of the many islands you choose to spend your time.

Full customer service

We do not only operate on water, we also have a car taxi that can pick you up from any location. So you don’t have to worry about knowing your way around, we will take care of that. You are probably wondering how much this service will cost you, but you don’t have to pay for it. Yes, it comes at no extra cost! Your boat trip payment covers everything.

What’s more? We are aware that some people may move behind schedule, have a delayed flight or simply love to move around at night, that is why we have prepared a package for those who want night rides. These night rides will be active between 9pm and 6am in the morning.

How to book an excursion?

We exist to serve you better, so if you have any questions about our services, we are always open and ready to listen to you. The same goes for suggestions and general inquiries.

With us, your excursion is sure to be a remarkable adventure. All you need is to bring yourself and a sun cream; we will take care of the rest. Contact us now.

Your Water Taxi

The emphasis in the design of the boat is placed on the top navigation performance and a very well-organized interior for a comfortable longer stay at sea. The Adventura 780 has a length of 7.83 m and a width of 2.55 m. The maximum engine power is 200 hp. Maximum number of passengers is 8/10.

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