Sibenik Zirje tour

A real treat in the Šibenik archipelago is one of its most remote islands, Žirje

This island exudes tradition and Dalmatian ambience even more than its neighbouring islands, especially because of its position and distance which kept the island ‘’old-schooled’’. 

Žirje has 29 coves, but the biggest and inhabited ones are Muna, Koromašna, Mikavica, Pečenja and Tratinska. 

The rugged coastline is decorated with 17 islets, reefs and cliffs. There are also two coatings on the island (so-called tombolo) – Škrovadica and Kabal.

Žirje is connected to the mainland, to Šibenik, by a ferry line and a subsidized high-speed line. There is a 30-kilometres long network of roads and paths, with traffic signals installed a few years ago. 

In 1921, 780 inhabitants were living on the island, while in 2001 there were only 250 of them still living there. However, only 78 of those inhabitants are permanent.

Because the shipping line is rare and the ride can be too long for some, our Taxi boat Šibenik can drive you right on the island, which can save your time and nerves! 

Now, once you get there, let’s see how you can spend your time. Read the article and find out where to go, what to do and where to eat on Žirje island and many other useful information.

The cultural side of Žirje

On the island, there are four main cultural sites.

The first one is St. Mary’s church, built in 1891 and reconstructed in 1964. 

Besides this church, you can also find four smaller churches and chapels – St. Nicholas in Mikavica cove, the old church of Our Lady in Muna bay, the chapel of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows near Polje and the chapel in Mala Nozdra.

Another cultural site on Žirje are two fortifications from the 6th century on Gradina and Gušterne, both protected in 1977 before the start of archaeological excavations.

Finally, there’s a five-room ‘’bunja’’ (stone building) called Stari stan, protected in 1998.

If you’re visiting Žirje during summer, there’s Feast of the Assumption held in August, known for the procession in which her statue is carried through the village. 

Another part of the summer on Žirje island is a cultural festival of Bodul culture (‘’bodul’’ is a name for a person from the island).

Recently, a rich underwater archaeological site has been discovered on the island, near the coast between the bays of Koromašna and Muna. It’s a site rich in amphorae, protected by a cage from devastation.

sunset on otok Zirje

The exciting side of Žirje

Like on many other Croatian islands, on Žirje you can always find something fun to do with your family and friends to truly experience the island. 

There are many tours and trips organized, such as kayaking, speedboat short trips through Šibenik aquatorium, bike tours around neighbouring islands, etc.

Of course, if you’re here during summer, you probably want to know about beaches. 

Well, let’s start with Koromašna beach, located in front of Koromašna restaurant. Here, you can try fish specialities but also get tanned and enjoy swimming. This beach is unique because of the restaurant tables set in the sea

Another beach is located on the northwest side of the island. It’s a rocky beach, also with a restaurant nearby. This is more of a nautical beach, but anyone who loves nature and rocks is welcome.

Besides these two beaches, you can find coves and hidden beaches everywhere on Žirje. This means you’ll get a chance to enjoy privacy when you find your spot for the day.

kayaking - Zirje island

Accommodation in Žirje

Considering the fact that Žirje is an island, it means there are limited options for accommodation, but they do exist. 

There are no hotels on the islands, but you can easily find apartments and holiday homes.

They are mainly situated on the east side of the island, while you’ll have trouble finding them on the western side.

Accommodation in Zirje

Restaurants in Žirje

The one thing you need to be sure of when you’re on Žirje is that you’ll get to taste delicious food in its restaurants. 

There are three main restaurants on the island – Koromašna, Julie, and Tratinska

Wherever you decide to go, you won’t regret it. Traditional Dalmatian food is all you’re going to think about after visiting these restaurants.

Restaurants in Zirje

Around Žirje

Finally, if you’re already in this part of Dalmatia, don’t miss your chance to explore the neighbouring islands of Obonjan, Zlarin, and Prvić (to name a few). On your ‘’to do’’ list, don’t forget to put Kornati islands, a popular national park that will amaze you with its nature and beauty. 

You can plan your trip and destinations however you want – we’re waiting for your call to take you there!