tour to kornati national park from sibenik

So, you’ve come to Šibenik and are looking for a way to make your time here memorable. Well, the solution is obvious – you simply must visit Kornati National Park, an amazing group of islands to the northwest of the town.

This incredible feat of nature is the densest island group in the whole Mediterranean, and the national park itself encompasses 89 different islands and islets, but there are more of them (about 140) in the Kornati cluster that are not a part of the park. Which means you have plenty of exploring to do.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a memorable day trip from Šibenik, something that is sure to create incredible memories for you and your loved ones, just contact Taxi Boat Šibenik and set everything up. You’ll be in for an amazing adventure.

Why visit Kornati?

Well, as mentioned earlier, Kornati is an archipelago in the Adriatic, which means you will be making this whole trip by boat. And thanks to the service we provide, you don’t have to worry about avoiding crowds and trying to squeeze your way to the most interesting places. No, with us, you can enjoy everything with people closest to you and soak in every sight without any stress.

Obviously, when you practically have a boat of your own, you’re much more flexible when it comes to choosing what to see and where to stay for a while – you can figure all that out with the help of our experienced crew. 

But the main reason why you should visit Kornati is the incredible cliffs that jut out directly from the sea. It’s an incredible sight to behold, and some of them are tens of meters high, with the longest one spanning well over a kilometer. It really makes you stop and think for a moment because it’s an awe-inspiring sight that puts things in perspective.

why visit kornati


A visit to Kornati is more than contemplating your place in the universe and the meaning of life, though. It’s also about having some serious fun, and to that end you can hit some of the most beautiful beaches around here. Lojena is the most famous among them, with glistening silver sand and crystal-clear sea. And it can only be reached with a boat, which makes this Kornati tour a perfect excuse to go and visit it.

There are, however, other beaches very much worthy of your attention, which certainly shouldn’t come as a big surprise given the number of islands here. But one very special place is Telašćica, a nature park on the northern edge of Kornati. There are many wonderful beaches there, plus a saltwater lake where you can also enjoy a swim and whose water even has healing properties.

Then there are also places such as Tarac Bay and Proversa Channel, where you can also jump in and enjoy the very essence of the Mediterranean. And this now brings us to the third main reason why you should visit Kornati.

beach on kornati

Peace and quiet

You see, the islands of the Kornati National Park are completely uninhabited and therefore represent a perfect opportunity for those of you who wouldn’t mind a hike. Unspoiled nature, fantastic views, pristine sea… these are some of the best places nature around here has to offer. And once you’re done, you can just jump into the Adriatic and cool yourself down. 

However, there are some bars and restaurants scattered around the islands, and you can enjoy them as you see fit. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your lunch here. And enjoying a traditional meal in this setting really is something very special, something that will definitely be one of the hallmarks of this day trip.

On top of that, thanks to the fact that you will be travelling in a small group, you will be able to really take everything in and savour every moment and every fascinating place the park has to offer. Sounds like a great way to spend a day of your vacation, doesn’t it?

What does this trip include?

Booking this tour of Kornati means you will be able to see all the best places of this amazing national park and have plenty of time for a relaxing swim in some very exquisite locations. You will be in the hands of capable and experienced professionals who know these islands like the back of their hands and who will always be able to help you choose or suggest what you visit next.

Furthermore, you will be travelling in a very comfortable boat, which means that you will be able to enjoy the ride immensely, too. Just imagine a gentle breeze cooling you down as you make your way across a peaceful Adriatic. You can almost feel the sun on your skin just reading this, can’t you?

Just remember that lunch is optional, but if you get the chance to come on this trip, we sincerely recommend that you include it in your itinerary. Not only will you get to taste some excellent and pretty traditional stuff, but the scenery in front of you will make everything taste that much better. 

The total price will depend on the number of people that come to the trip, and the party is limited to eight people. However, there are also arrangements for groups of one to four people, which makes this a great choice for smaller families (yes, this is all perfectly safe for children and you’re welcome to bring them along) or couples who just want to spend a day together creating some awesome memories.

So, feel free to contact us and book your trip right away! It can all be set up quite easily and quickly, plus we will arrange everything so that you have no problems finding the boat and boarding it. At Taxi Boat Šibenik, we will make sure you get the experience of a lifetime. Get in touch now!