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If you’re new in Croatia and this is your first time visiting the area around Šibenik, there’s a chance you still haven’t heard of Obonjan island. 

It is located in Šibenik archipelago, surrounded by islands of Žirje, Kaprije and Zlarin, but also very close to many other islands, such as Prvić and Murter. 

This adult-exclusive private island has everything that can make your vacation unforgettable and like never before. 

Known for partying, beachside DJ’s, restaurants, watersports and yoga, Obonjan has only one official inhabitant (and his dog, of course). He is the superintendent of the island’s resort, so you might run into him. 

Obonjan became ‘’the party island’’ just a few years ago, even though the natural environment, with forests and coves, remained untouched. 

This means that it is the perfect destination for anyone who is ready to have some fun, but still has time to enjoy nature and recharge their batteries. 

And to make it as easy as possible, Taxi boat Šibenik has prepared the tour to Obonjan island – this way, you can already cross out the transportation issue from the list. Of course, whenever you’re ready to leave the island, we’ll be waiting to take you back to Šibenik. 

Now, let’s see what exactly you can do and what you can see once you’re on the island!

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Let the vacation start!

Party lovers, there’s no better place to enjoy live music from famous bands and DJ’s than on Obonjan island. If you’re full of energy during the night, but you still want to isolate yourself during the day, escape from the crowd and find a place where no one can find you, this is where you need to come. 

However, to find something peaceful, you don’t have to go far away. In fact, the resort allows you to take yoga classes and go to a spa. Sounds good, right? Well, that’s only the beginning.

yoga - obonjan island

The accommodation

If you are already thrilled and can’t wait to get to Obonjan, you should enjoy it to the fullest. And what better way to do that than to spend a night there! Accommodations on Obonjan island are all in the woods. 

It may sound scary, but it really isn’t. There are two options – tents and forest lodges, both comfortable and safe. There are more than 250 luxury lodges and bungalows available, all decorated with ocean views and surrounded by pine trees. 

The first option, sleeping in a bell tent, includes towels, a shower, wi-fi and air conditioning, with single or double beds. This option is also the cheaper one. 

The forest lodge offers you more comfort, with charging points and plugs, fridge and hairdryer (to begin with). Also, on the top of the hill, there’s a pool area with the bar, offering you a nice way to refresh yourself with a glass of wine, cocktail or any other drink.

bell tent on obonjan

The food

Obonjan has a lot of options for gastronomy lovers. 

It doesn’t matter If you are already familiar with Croatian food and want to eat it every day, or if you are more inclined to Asian cuisine because you can find the recipes from all around the globe here. So, make sure you don’t miss your chance to enjoy Mediterranean dishes, seafood and see what the tradition tastes like. 

To make it all even better, vegans and vegetarians also don’t have to worry, as the menus on the island are customized for every guest.

seafood on obonjan

Be active!

Your main occupation while you’re on the island will be having a lot of fun. 

Watersports are one way to make that come true. Jet skiing, kayaking, and many other options are waiting to make your trip unforgettable. When you become tired, simply lay on the beach and get that tan. 

If you want to do something more peaceful, you can always take a walk around the island and be amazed by the ocean views and nature.

jet skiing - obonjan island

Transport to Obonjan

If you have chosen Obonjan as your vacation destination you probably wonder what is the best way to get to the island. The only way to get to Obonjan is by boat, and is there any better way to travel somewhere than by private transport? 

When on vacation you shouldn’t worry about timetables and missed transportations. Taxi boat Šibenik is your perfect way to get to this little heaven on Earth. Hop on in one of our taxi boats and we will transfer you and your travel buddies to Obonjan fast, secure and for the most affordable prices. 

And no worries, we will be there for you as you scheduled for your transport back to Šibenik.

Transport to Obonjan

Car free island

There are no cars on Obonjan island so if you have traveled to Šibenik by car you probably wonder what is the best and cheapest place to park it, especially if you’re in search of a parking place for more than one day. 

Since our taxi boat pick up spot is placed under the pool in cove Pekovac, the best place to leave your car for one or multiple days is TEF parking lot. The price of a parking place is only 20 kn per day and the parking lot is just 4 minutes away by foot from our pick up spot.

Car free

In conclusion

To sum it up, guests and visitors of every kind are welcome on Obonjan island. This magical getaway island offers a variety of activities and options that can help you to forget about your problems and be stress-free! 

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough time to experience everything there is. One day is often more than enough to fall in love with the island, but spending the night here is what will make a real difference in your Dalmatian journey. 

There’s only one piece of information you need to remember – booking a taxi boat Šibenik is the first step of one of the biggest adventures in your life. Everything else will happen naturally and spontaneously, just go with the flow!