Srima - Prvić taxi boat

Šibenik and its area are a perfect vacation spot whether you’re in search of exciting holiday and crazy nightlife or you just want to rest and enjoy your days on sunny beaches. 

Going on a tour to the nearest and beautiful national parks like Krka or Kornati, or visiting islands on which you can get a taste of traditional Dalmatian way of life will give you the answer why so many tourists chose this part of Dalmatia as their perfect vacation spot. 

If you’re in search of a perfect place to really relax and enjoy a peaceful vacation, the small town of Srima is the perfect choice for you. 

Placed on the Riviera of Šibenik, near Vodice, Srima was inhabited from ancient times and today you can still find historic remains from old times while exploring this beautiful, picturesque town. On of the most famous archeological locality is ancient basilica complex in Prizba as well as a church to Our Lady, that is placed on the hill above the Srima with its fresco showing Mother of God with a Child and St. Vid’s and St. George’s figures, from the 12th century. And when you’re done with exploring the city, what better way to add something special to your vacation than expanding your tour to Prvić island.

Prvić island

Prvić – quiet oasis of Šibenik archipelago

Prvić is a small island placed only 4 km away from popular tourist destination Vodice.This small island consists of only two traditional Dalmatian fishing villages, placed only 15 minutes of walking from each other, Prvić Luka on the southeast side of the island, and Prvić Šepurine on the west side.

This beautiful car-free island has only about 400 inhabitants living there and is a perfect destination for everyone seeking a peaceful and relaxing holiday surrounded by wonderful beaches and romantic sights.

Prvić - quiet oasis

What to do on Island of Prvić?

Prvić is the birthplace of Faust Vrančić, famous Croatian inventor and scientist, whose remains are kept in Prvić Luka where you can visit his memorial center and church of Our Lady of Mercy where he was buried. If you want to know more about his heritage you can extend your visit to Prvić Šepurine where you can see a house where he grew up, unfortunately just from the outside.

When in Prvić Šepurine you can also visit two small churches. Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary, from the late 19th century and the smaller one, built in the Middle Ages in honor of Jelena the Crusader. 

If you get tired of walking around the island, relax on one of the beautiful beaches of Prvić like Trstevica beach in Prvić Šepurine or experience some of the best traditional Dalmatian dishes in one of the amazing restaurants on the island.

Hotel on Prvić
Source: Kornati Excursions

How to get to Prvić?

It is possible to reach Prvić by ferry boat from Šibenik or Vodice but if you find yourself in Srima and really want to enjoy your vacation, the easiest way to get to Prvić is with Taxi Boat Šibenik

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