Šibenik - Iž tour

The rich historical and cultural heritage, the proximity of no less than two national parks, a Mediterranean lifestyle and the picturesque islets of the Šibenik archipelago are just some of the unique features of the city Šibenik. 

Its central location between the well-known tourist resorts of Zadar, Split and Trogir makes it attractive for a stopover during your journey along the Adriatic in Dalmatia or for a more extended holiday. In addition, Šibenik is an ideal starting point for one-day excursions and tours, such as a tour to Krka National Park or the nearby islands, such as Zlarin or Prvić, or even the small island of Iž.

Surrounded by numerous smaller and some larger Croatian islands, the holiday island of Iž, which is only 18 square kilometres in size, rises like a pearl from the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

How can you get to the Iž island?

You can get to the Iž island by ferry boat from Zadar or the island Rava, but if you are looking for a more convenient and easier option for travelling, you can always rent Taxi Boat Šibenik. This a flexible option for your vacation and you won’t have to stress about catching different ferries and means of transportation.

If you choose Taxi Boat Šibenik, you will definitely be in good hands of our experienced drivers and you will get the opportunity to enjoy all the sights in our comfortable boat taxis. There is no worrying if you will have the opportunity to experience the islands fully because we will adapt to your itinerary and fulfil all your wishes.

The island of Iž gives you the possibility to make excursions to the numerous surrounding islets. Iž is definitely best explored by sea routes. The islet of Rutnjak is arranged like a park, where you can swim and enjoy the pleasures of the sea. There is also the chance to visit the island’s largest neighbour – the island of Rava. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the National Park Kornati, which is adored by navigators.

Iž island

What to do on the Iž island?

The main village on the island is called Veli Iž, which translates as ‘big’ Iž. This is a paradise for nautical enthusiasts and those seeking peace and quiet. Harmonious buildings and the two rustic churches of St. Peter and St. Paul with elements of romanticism in the centre of the village make up this beautiful island in the Zadar archipelago. 

Here you can enjoy the remains of the past, which, together with the modern equipped marina, enrich the preserved natural beauty of the island. There is also a castle in Romanesque style. built in the 19th century.

Mali Iž is the smaller of the two villages, surrounded by the settlements of Porovac, Knez and Makovac. There are only around 200 inhabitants on the island, and they still live mainly from agriculture, fishing and tourism. The village is known for its long-standing pottery tradition, which can be admired in many exhibitions. Mali Iž owns a wonderful church from the 11th century, near which there is a fortress of the former owners of the island – noblemen from Zadar.

If you would like to spend a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of tourism, Iž is definitely a place for you! Since there are about ten smaller islets and reefs around the island, navigators and divers have a sufficiently large terrain for their explorations. Incidentally, many also sail from Iž to the Kornati National Park.

For those who love sports and recreation, there are numerous cycling and hiking trails and tennis courts along the island. You can enjoy walks along the bay of Veli Iž and climb Korišnjak, the highest mountain on the island, and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

What are the beaches like?

Every holidaymaker will find a suitable bathing spot on the island of Iž. Smaller natural bays stretch along the entire coast of the island, inviting you to relax and sunbathe. The beach near the Hotel Korinjak is suitable for families with children, as it is partly sandy and runs shallowly into the sea. Nudists can enjoy themselves in one of the secluded bays on the offshore island of Rutnjak.

Island Iž is ideal for a quiet holiday, but if you are looking for an active holiday, you can go surfing, diving and sailing. 

No matter what type of holidaymaker you are, you are definitely going to enjoy the Iž island. If you like more crowded places and more famous sights, the cities of Zadar and Šibenik are only a boat ride away. Enjoy the adventure and the sea, and embark on a journey to this wonderful island!

island of Rutnjak