dragon eye dugi otok

If you have decided to spend your holidays in Sibenik, do not miss out on visiting some of the amazing places nearby. You might have booked your accommodation in the centre, or somewhere close, and you are wondering how to spend your holiday in the best way.

While you will have an amazing time in the city itself, which offers many unique sightseeing attractions, rich in history and culture, you should leave some time for exploring the whole region. Croatia’s speciality is definitely the Adriatic Sea and its beautiful islands

The Sibenik region has much more to offer, considering big cultural centres such as Split, Trogir and Zadar are only 1.5 hours away by car or national parks such as NP Krka.

You have probably heard of Croatia being called “the land of a thousand islands” since it is the country’s most common nickname. Well, this means there are a thousand unique and versatile places to visit only on the Adriatic Coast. You can choose between islands such as Hvar, which are populated and have an amazing touristic offer. Or you can choose to explore the peace and nature of Telašćica park. Whatever choice you make, it will be the right choice!

Having said that, it is important you are met with an exceptional and specific island in the Adriatic. It is called Dugi Otok, very close to the island of Ugljan. On this island, there are many breathtaking details that would amaze you, such as the bay of Saharun, or the Veli Rat beach and many others. The one we think you should not miss out on is the Dragon Eye! Keep reading if you want to find out why. 

Telascica park of nature

Dragon’s Eye phenomenon 

Hidden in the heart of the island Dugi Otok, close to the bay of Bribišćica, is where you will find a natural phenomenon named Dragon’s Eye. For those photography lovers, this will be especially interesting, since the phenomenon is basically a natural pool placed inside a cliff. Cool Instagram photos are awaiting. 

It is a work of art that was made by years worth of limestone wearing, and the whole bay of Bribišćica where it is located is known for its geomorphological diversity rich in fossils and marks of history left far behind. 

If you are feeling very brave and adventurous, you can dive deep beneath the limestone cliff which separates the Dragon’s Eye from the sea, since there is an “underwater hallway” through which the sea meets the natural pool. 

There is a local legend about this beautiful pool, and it says that if two lovers go swimming in it together, they will live in a long and happy marriage, they will be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives, and their marriage will be blessed with eternal love and healthy children! Lovers, what are you waiting for?

Close to this special place, you will also find a cave called Golubinka, and it can be accessed either by swimming or a kayak/paddleboard. It is another special creation, decorated with the sun beaming between the surrounding cliffs of the cave. The whole area is famous for crystal clear water beaches, bays and caves. 

rent a boat Šibenik

How to get there?

It all sounds wonderful, but your biggest question right now is probably: “how do I get there?”. We have got you covered. It is true that you can take a ferry and access this bay and the Dragon’s Eye phenomenon with a car and some walking. We will explain why this is not such a good idea.

If you decide to take a ferry, you will probably have a delay in the ride. The ride will last longer than 2 hours, after which you still need to find your way to the bay. Then, you need to find a parking place. This is the trickiest part since the spots for parking are limited and if you are not extremely lucky on your day of visiting, you might have just come in vain.

A much quicker, simpler and all-around easy-going way to discover the beauties of this island are boat tours! You can book a boat and be carefree about any traffic, delays or parking problems. 

The biggest benefits of boat tours are the adventure, being exposed to a whole different world, connection with nature as a must, bonding with your crew or even team building with new colleagues, and loads of vitamin D absorption for your health! 

The biggest perk might be that it is actually affordable in crazy times when everything is getting expensive. No worries about expensive parking, ferry tickets and extra costs. If you are fine with meeting new people and travelling with another group you don’t know, you will enjoy even lower prices. 

In final words…

A holiday in Sibenik might be one of the best options alongside the Adriatic Coast. The city itself will not leave you regretful, but the best part is that the whole region has so much to offer. During the long summer days, you can discover Croatia’s most famous national parks, and also explore the many islands in the Archipelago.

A unique place that not a lot of people know about is the natural pool near the island of Ugljan, called Dragon’s Eye. This phenomenon came about with the wearing of limestone throughout the years and created a secluded area which can not be found anywhere else. You can find many crystal clear beaches, bays and coves nearby as well. 

In order to make the most of your excursions, make sure you are not wasting time on bus rides, ferry delays and overpriced parking tickets. Soak in the Mediterranean sun while you take a boat tour and reach the unique places of the Adriatic at affordable prices.